Wednesday, September 20, 2017

EFFECT Photonics and Skylane Optics to supply narrow-tunable optical transceivers

Skylane Optics, a privately-held company that supplies a wide range of optical transceivers and other photonic, reached an agreement with EFFECT Photonics to supply narrow-tunable optical transceivers to telecom operators in Europe, North and South America.

EFFECT Photonics, which is based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, develops highly integrated optical products based on InP (Indium Phosphide). The company has recently begun sampling of a narrow-band tunable DWDM optical transceiver designed for next-gen mobile networks. The new product leverages EFFECT's optical System-on-Chip technology with advanced photonic integration and low-cost packaging. The design combines many optical functions within its PIC platform including, tunable lasers, MZI modulators, waveguides, SOAs, photodetectors, along with integrated wavelength lockers.

Skylane Optics said the costs associated with using EFFECT Photonics narrow-band tunable optical transceiver enables a reduction in sparing and provisioning costs by over 90%.

Skylane Optics is based in Belgium.

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