Friday, August 4, 2017

Windstream enhances SD-WAN offering with Concierge managed service

Windstream has announced the introduction of a more robust SD-WAN solution that is designed to provide customers with an enhanced managed SD-WAN experience.

Windstream's new SD-WAN solution includes additional broadband flexibility, improved self-service monitoring and control options, and a new SD-WAN Concierge managed service that is designed to automatically optimise application performance, enable lower costs and to simplify network management. Customers can also combine SD-WAN with Diverse Connect to gain a 100%-availability service level agreement (SLA).

Windstream's expanded SD-WAN solution offers customers:

1.         Concierge Service, a fully-managed service that helps customers effectively use SD-WAN via Windstream experts that proactively monitor and optimise network environments for application performance.

2.         Integrated SD-WAN management tool, which provides visibility and control of a customer's SD-WAN network via a centralised management portal, with the facility to deploy configurations for new locations, services and security policies.
3.         Business Aware Cloud Network, enabling dynamic traffic steering based on real time network conditions to improve application performance and the end-user experience.

4.         Industry-tailored cloud-based solutions, offering a suite of adjunct services designed to improve the customer experience, including cloud-based unified communications and security, with a tailored network to connect to services such as UCaaS, Cloud Connect, secure WiFi, and PCI suite.

Windstream's enhanced SD-WAN solution is available immediately to businesses within its national service area.

* Windstream launched its SD-WAN service in January of this year, and noted that it is working to enhance the SD-WAN solution following its merger with EarthLink. Windstream announced in November 2016 that it planned to acquire EarthLink for $1.1 billion; it announced in February that it had completed the transaction.