Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Talari enhances SD-WAN with WAN optimisation, security

Talari Networks, a developer of SD-WAN technology, announced that its latest software release includes WAN optimisation services that run natively in the core platform, and introduced a solution jointly validated with Zscaler, a provider of cloud security, to help companies transition to secure, direct-to-cloud connections.

Integrated WAN optimisation

Talari SD-WAN solutions now provide native support for core WAN optimisation features such as data compression and deduplication of data, in addition to congestion controls. Talari WAN Optimization (WAN-Op) is designed to improve efficiency across the WAN for bulk file-transfer traffic, particularly for data requested by more than one user at the same location. The integration of WAN-Op with the SD-WAN software is designed to help organisations simplify the branch office and realise cost efficiencies.

Secure solution

The solution validated with Zscaler enables Talari SD-WAN edge nodes to transparently forward all Internet traffic to the Zscaler cloud over IPsec tunnels, enabling faster performance, reduced bandwidth requirements and simplified operations. The service will be delivered via Talari's Adaptive Path Networking (APN) software (Release 7.0), available on currently supported physical, virtual and cloud appliances.
The Talari joint solution specifically delivers IPsec tunnels to the Zscaler cloud, with one active tunnel per Talari SD-WAN node, and Talari app-aware routing rules to selectively determine what traffic to forward to Zscaler.

SD-WAN performance enhancements

In addition to secure cloud gateway and WAN-Op services, Talari APN 7.0 provides new performance features for Talari appliances. Talari is expanding the VT800 virtual appliance performance rating to multi-gigabit, allowing the virtual appliance to address data centre as well as small branch location requirements.

In addition, for the cloud new performance enhancements for Azure enable customers decommissioning legacy data centres to utilise cloud servers. Talari is also extending the performance of VT1000 virtual appliances to 1 Gbit/s on VMware ESX to address the performance requirements of mid-market sites.

Talari is also enhancing the performance of its E100, T800, T3010 and T5200 hardware products.