Saturday, August 19, 2017

NVIDIA adds virtualization software for GPU-accelerated servers

NVIDIA introduced new virtualization software capabilities for NVIDIA Tesla GPU-accelerated servers.

The company said its new Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation Software (Quadro vDWS) enables enterprises to run both virtualized graphics and compute workloads on any virtual workstation or laptop from NVIDIA Tesla-accelerated data centers. This provides high-end performance to multiple enterprise users from the same GPU for lower cost of ownership.

When powered by NVIDIA Pascal architecture-based Tesla GPU accelerators, Quadro vDWS provides:

  • The ability to create complex 3D and photoreal designs - Up to 24GB of GPU memory for working with large, immersive models.
  • Increased productivity - Up to double the graphics performance of the previous NVIDIA GPU architecture lets users make better, faster decisions.
  • Unified graphics and compute workloads - Supports accelerated graphics and compute (CUDA and OpenCL) workflows to streamline design and computer-aided engineering simulation.
  • Better performance for Linux users - NVIDIA NVENC delivers better performance and user density by off-loading H.264 video encoding, a compute-intensive task, from the CPU for Linux virtual workstation users.

"The enterprise is transforming. Workflows are evolving to incorporate AI, photorealism, VR, and greater collaboration among employees. The Quadro visualization platform is evolving with the enterprise to provide the performance required," said Bob Pette, Vice President of Professional Visualization at NVIDIA. "With Quadro vDWS on Tesla-powered servers, businesses can tackle larger datasets, power the most demanding applications and meet the need for greater mobility."


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