Wednesday, August 16, 2017

ADTRAN Launches Gigabit Accelerator Program

ADTRAN launched a Gigabit Accelerator Program to help service providers to accelerate their delivery of gigabit services, especially in rural areas.

ADTRAN's Gigabit Accelerator Program includes a gigabit FTTH starter kit, installation services, training, marketing support and access to gigabit community partners.

ADTRAN notes that smaller carriers often face barriers to rolling out gigabit services, in addition to the cost of new access equipment, such as:

  • the cost of installing, testing and commissioning this equipment and the technical resources to do so;
  • the lack of quality marketing resources to help acquire new customers more rapidly, thus affecting their return on investment; and,
  • the lack of access to broadband use-cases and industry resources that would streamline community outreach, accelerate community buy-in, lead to higher service take-rates, and reduce barriers to construction.