Friday, July 7, 2017

Teleste and Antronix form JV to deliver gigabit cable access

Antronix of Cranbury, New Jersey, a designer and manufacturer of broadband products in the U.S., and Finland-based Teleste, a provider of video and broadband technologies and related services in Europe, announced a joint venture through which they will offer next generation gigabit cable access network solutions to North American broadband markets.

The new joint venture, whose majority shares are owned by Teleste, will operate under the name Teleste Intercept and combine the two companies' next generation products and access network technologies.

Based at the Antronix offices in Cranbury, the enterprise will seek to leverage both Teleste's expertise and established position in delivering intelligent, DOCSIS 3.1-compliant network technologies across the European cable broadband market and Antronix's Intercept eHFC line of products. The combined product line is intended to offer the latest data delivery technology in a hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) end-to-end network platform.

With an established position in the cable industry, Teleste is a leading supplier of access nodes and 1.2 GHz network solutions. Since 2013, Teleste has been developing a distributed architecture featuring the first Remote PHY nodes to be launched in Europe.

In the initial phase, the joint venture will offer Teleste's DOCSIS 3.1-compliant intelligent optical nodes, headend optics and Remote PHY devices, configured to address local requirements, to the North American market. The solutions will be available alongside Antronix's line of optical products and multi-gigabit eHFC solutions.

The combined product portfolio is intended to provide a comprehensive line-up, spanning fibre deep to distributed access architectures and eHFC FTTT brownfield migration solutions. Antronix's core branded products, which include indoor and mainline passives, multi-taps, residential amplifiers and point-of-entry filters, will remain a part of the Antronix portfolio.

The company noted that a key feature of Teleste's broadband nodes is the combination of hardware and software that makes the devices self-adjusting and remotely controllable using its network management tools. This concept is designed to deliver cost efficiency and an enhanced consumer experience by improving service availability. The use of intelligence can help operators improve their operations and enhance the customer help desk experience.

Launched in 2015, Antronix Intercept eHFC is an xPON DOCSIS hybrid FTTT technology designed to enable higher data throughput at the distribution point. The solution is interoperable and complementary with DOCSIS and Remote PHY network architectures. Intercept provides cable operators with an economic solution for brownfield migration to deliver gigabit services.

The Intercept eHFC Lancet Series optical tap supports high frequency DOCSIS 3.1 performance up to 1,784 MHz, enabling full spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 functionality for distributed access architectures, fibre deep or traditional HFC access network platforms.