Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Logic selects Calix CMC and CSC solutions

Calix announced that Logic, a major service provider in the Caribbean, has selected the Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) and Support Cloud (CSC) solutions to enhance its existing GigaCenter deployments and deliver an enhanced subscriber experience in the Cayman Islands.

Calix stated that Logic is applying behavioural analytics and business intelligence insights provided by the two Calix Cloud services with the aim of optimising each subscriber interaction. CMC allows Logic to accurately target subscribers with the right service for their needs, while CSC helps it to provide more effective customer support by using automation and analytics to enhance its ability to rapidly identify customer issues.

Utilising Calix Cloud, Logic gains access to the data, insights and automation required to improve service quality for its subscribers, while also significantly improving operational efficiency.

Designed for broadband providers, CMC works by automating the collection, analysis and presentation of subscriber behaviour data and providing continuous access to data-driven subscriber insights. Logic's marketing team will use CMC's intuitive dashboards to gain a better understanding of subscribers' online usage patterns, such as heavy concurrent media streaming and new IoT devices in the connected home, to help improve its marketing and service creation.

The CMC dashboards provide the necessary information to allow Logic to develop specific service offerings to support subscriber retention and upselling. CMC also features a social channel heatmap that can track the social platform preferences of subscribers and help with the creation of marketing programs.

In addition, longstanding Calix Consumer Connect Plus customer Logic is leveraging CSC's instrumentation-aware automation and analytics to improve efficiency. CSC is designed to enable Logic's help desk customer service staff to resolve complicated, connected home issues, including WiFi connectivity, from a single dashboard offering a view of the subscriber's home network.

* Calix released the CMC cloud solution in April this year. CMC features behavioural filters designed to allow the creation of actionable lists of target subscribers extracted directly from back-office systems, which can then loaded into marketing campaigns.

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