Friday, July 21, 2017

Huawei unveils FastReach solution

Huawei, at its recent User Group Meeting held in Xi'an, China, released the new FastReach solution, designed to enable operators to quickly and cost-effectively build and launch broadband networks and improve return on investment.

Huawei's FastReach solution is designed to help operators build broadband networks more quickly and is claimed to reduce site deployment costs by up to 70%. In addition, operators can establish operational environments faster to improve the installation rates of home broadband users, and thereby accelerate ROI.

Overall, the new Huawei solution is designed to speed network construction to help improve FTTx economics leveraging advanced engineering, by enabling infrastructure synergy, and offering enhanced O&M tools.

Huawei's model for rapid broadband network construction encompasses:

1.         Implementing deployment synergy across broadband networks and power facilities and enabling fast fibre routing.

2.         Deploying mini OLTs and wireless base stations within the same cabinet or at the same site to allow operators to reuse infrastructure resources on live networks.

3.         Performing acceptance processes via smartphone apps and without the need for meters to help ensure intelligent, automated and rapid acceptance for optical distribution networks (ODNs), and thus further improve network construction and deployment efficiency.
Huawei's FastReach solution features three core components: mini operations support system (OSS), a number provisioning map, and an app for integrated installation and O&M. These components are designed to enable operators to quickly develop broadband service operations, perform targeted development of broadband users, and improve installation rates. Huawei noted that a lightweight, mini OSS for number provisioning can be deployed in as little as three months.

Additionally, number provisioning maps provide network resource information in different dimensions, including for global position, regional position and building dimensions, allowing operators to create service packages and strategies based on the bandwidth resources available.

The smartphone app for integrated installation, maintenance and operation enables mobility for staff, so that installation and maintenance personnel can promote service packages to users during installation and maintenance tasks.

Describing the new offering, Guo Dazheng, GM of Huawei's network SingleOSS domain, said, "The biggest obstacle hindering the development of emerging markets is excessively low broadband ROI… Huawei believes that by supporting fast network construction and operation, the FastReach solution can help operators develop the broadband user base rapidly and increase installation rates…".

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