Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hammer Fiber teams with Go Long Wireless

Hammer Fiber Optic Investments, a New Jersey-based wireless and fibre network operator and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hammer Fiber Optic Holdings, announced it has partnered with Go Long Wireless (GLW) based in Sarasota, Florida, which holds 12 GHz multi-channel video distribution and data service (MVDDS) spectrum in 49 U.S. markets and covering more than 29 million people.

Through the partnership, Hammer Fiber will be able to expand its business model of delivering a bundle of high speed broadband, TV and VoIP service to the additional 49 markets, with a focus on addressing underserved rural communities.

Hammer Fiber noted that its business model has been proven in Atlantic City, New Jersey where a pre-5G 'wireless fibre' network is delivering a triple play bundle of high speed broadband, 4K UHD capable TV and VoIP service. Utilising off the shelf DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 modems, the Hammer technology platform is designed to leverage the cable-ready architecture and to be scalable by enabling low cost and ease of installation.

Go Long Wireless is a member of the MVDDS 5G Coalition Partnership, which is awaiting the outcome of a pending FCC ruling that is expected to add MVDDS spectrum to the 5G spectrum band. The addition of MVDDS spectrum to the 5G band would help to meet future demand for bandwidth.

Hammer Fiber's 5G Carrier Wireless Fiber Technology, which is provided by the company's wireless division under the AIR name, is designed to be compliant with future 5G standards, which are expected to be published over the next year. Hammer Fibre stated that its AIR technology is capable of carrying LTE-compatible service over 500 MHz wide broadband channels to fixed LTE subscriber modems and small cells utilising mmWave, or KA/KU band, spectrum.

Hammer Fiber offers internet, voice, video and data services to residential and small business customers in New Jersey, as well as carrier services in Philadelphia and New York. The company delivers high capacity broadband, voice and video both via direct fibre and the Hammer Wireless AIR wireless fibre platform.