Tuesday, June 6, 2017

XKL enables connectivity to DWDM with eVolocity platform

XKL based in Kirkland, Washington, a provider of fibre optic networking systems, announced the expansion of its eVolocity platform via the addition of features that enable connectivity to DWDM networks and lit service handoffs across the same interface, thereby allowing customers to connect physically separate private DWDM networks on a single platform.

XKL noted that the ability to light dark fibre and interface to lit services, including subsea, terrestrial and aerial systems, with a single, integrated platform can enable customers to create more flexible networks.

The XKL eVolocity platform can also serve as a media converter for aggregating 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports for transport over 100 Gbit/s DWDM wavelengths and on LAN-PHY interfaces. In addition, the platform is able to support statistical multiplexing at OSI Layer 1 to enable customers to aggregate more client-side interfaces than the standard 10 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet solutions.

The compact, 1 or 2 RU eVolocity platform additionally offers low power consumption and is designed to further reduce cost of ownership through allowing IT professionals to integrate and operate the system within their networks without the need for optical engineering expertise.

Recently, XKL launched its DarkStar Mux/Demux-Amplifier (DMD-A) optical utility appliance, offering features designed to enable increased network flexibility and manageability. The DMD-A appliance supports a range of filter options including 48- or 96-channel mux/demux and 4- or 6-band combiner filter, and enables point-to-point or east/west configurations. It also provides support for up to four EDFAs and one Raman amplifier, along with dispersion compensation and an integrated optical switch for path protection.

Earlier in the year, XKL introduced its FlexArc solution, designed to enable flexible provisioning and scaling via increased control at Layer 1 and new inline amplifier products for the DarkStar family, as well as the DQT10 transponder with ROADM, extending the DQM10 family of DWDM appliances via support for up to 96 channels and alien wave injection.