Monday, June 19, 2017

Switzerland's Sunrise deploys RAD performance monitoring

RAD announced that Sunrise Communications, the second mobile operator in Switzerland with around 3 million subscribers, has selected its Service Assured Access (SAA) solution to guarantee high performance services for customers.

Sunrise offers fixed-line, IPTV and Internet access, as well as business and IT services, in addition to its mobile offerings, which include LTE and LTE-Advanced (LTA-A, or 4G+). RAD noted that currently much of this IP traffic is carried over microwave links, which adds latency and jitter and can result in packet loss. To address this issue, Sunrise required a cost-effective performance monitoring solution to ensure QoS across all network segments and guarantee end-to-end QoE for customers.

Sunrise has selected the RAD performance monitoring overlay solution as an add-on to its existing network. RAD's performance monitoring (PM) solution features PM controllers, which monitor and collect data on network traffic and service quality using a range of protocols, including both versions of TWAMP, as well as its patented MiNID, a field-programmable miniature Carrier Ethernet and IP network interface device (NID) that serves as a remote testing probe.

For the project, PM controllers have been deployed at Sunrise's central sites, where they collect performance monitoring data. In addition, the MiNID products are placed at intermediate measurement points and multiple eNodeBs, where TWAMP support is not otherwise available. This model is designed to allow all elements in the network to quickly match their testing capabilities.

RAD stated that the ability to rapid integrate its technology with Sunrise's central management system ensures that performance data is instantly available to enable corrective measures to be taken. It added that a key advantage of this architecture is the ability to conduct a variety of diagnostic tests utilising the MiNIDs between individual eNodeBs.

Regarding the deployment, Dragan Ciric, senior manager, transport network at Sunrise, commented, "For detected issues, Sunrise is able to segment the problematic service path, measure the performance on each segment and in this way quickly identify the root cause… moreover, the solution supports full TWAMP and the newer TWAMP Light in a single device, which enables flexible monitoring… (with) reduced capex".

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