Monday, June 26, 2017

Sandvine enhances its business intelligence

Sandvine, a provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, announced enhancements to its business intelligence solutions designed to enable faster, more flexible and intuitive reporting across an expanded range of key metrics.

The enhancements to Sandvine's business intelligence solutions include:

1.         A new columnar data warehouse that supports faster read and write and increased storage, enabling improved performance and functionality across the business intelligence portfolio, including network demographics and analytics and record generator for the export of data to service provider's existing big data solutions.

2.         A faster, simpler version of Network Demographics reporting product that notifies operations and engineering teams of network activity and performance via an intuitive, customisable interface.

3.         Native integration to big data systems and technologies, enabling service providers to integrate real-time measurements and observations into telemetry message buses such as Kafka, Flume and Apache NiFi without the need for offline data mediation processes.

Sandvine noted that service providers can use data from network-based business intelligence solutions for use cases including:

  • Real-time monitoring of the network to identify issues and opportunities in real-time, create new measurements and apply policies on the fly, such as for security, fraud or downtime events.

  • Ongoing, long-term analysis of key KPIs such as application and device usage trends and subscriber quality of experience metrics for video and web surfing.

  • In-depth views of developing network trends, such as adoption of connected home devices on the network, encrypted traffic levels or emerging fraud events, such as fully-loaded Kodi boxes and unlicensed IPTV, zero-rating fraud and OTT voice bypass.

Additionally, Sandvine's FlexPanels feature allows Network Analytics users to engage in free-form exploration of network data to analyse anomalous or interesting results. Network Analytics offers multiple fixed views of data, while FlexPanels enables analysis beyond these views to help users address key issues.