Tuesday, June 13, 2017

OFS expands InvisiLight fiber portfolio

OFS, a manufacturer of advanced fibre optic products and a Furukawa Electric company, has launched the InvisiLight Façade Solution for low-rise buildings or garden-style dwelling units, expanding the InvisiLight portfolio that also includes the drop cable solution to residential homes, MDU solution for building hallways and ILU solution for indoor living units.

OFS' InvisiLight portfolio also integrates with the SlimBox branded portfolio of terminals and closures to provide a modular solution offering for a range of market demands.

The new InvisiLight Façade solution is offered with 12 or 24 fibre-count indoor/outdoor rated cable, which can be installed on the face of a building or placed behind outdoor structures such as rain water downspouts. The 12 and 24 fibre cables have diameters of 3.0 mm and 3.8 mm, respectively, and can be either factory pre-terminated or connectorised on site with a fusion splice or mechanical connector.

During the installation process, the cables are connected to an outdoor building terminal typically installed at the base of a building. From the terminal, the cable can be installed vertically on the face of the building into the attic and then connected to a distribution terminal from which EZ-Bend optical cables can be run into living units.

Alternatively, the cable can be placed along the building facade using clips to pass each living unit, with compact slack loops placed outside or inside the unit. From there the optical fibre can be extracted to connect to the other InvisiLight solutions to connect to the optical network terminal (ONT).

OFS stated that its established EZ-Bend optical fibre is used in the InvisiLight Façade cable products, as well as the other InvisiLight portfolio of products. The EZ-Bend fibre features a 2.5 mm bend radius, which allows it to accommodate the sharp corners often encountered when fitting the cable onto buildings. OFS noted that the new InvisiLight Façade solution is designed to offer an almost invisible cable for installation onto the exterior of and within buildings.

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