Monday, June 12, 2017

MRV introduces 200 Gbit/s optical transport solutions

MRV Communications, a supplier of network solutions for data centre operators, service providers and enterprises, has introduced new 200 Gbit/s coherent digital muxponders for its OptiDriver WDM optical transport portfolio that are designed for data centre interconnect (DCI) and telecom applications.

Equipped with the new muxponders, OptiDriver can be deployed for a range of applications, from smaller access locations to large metro and regional WDM networks based on common modules and chassis. This approach helps to simplify network design, reduce stranded chassis space and sparing requirements and enable interoperability for data centre operators, service providers and enterprises.

The new products are based on digital coherent technology and enables a complete solution, ranging from 100 Gbit/s transponder module to the 200 Gbit/s muxponder modules, offered in a compact form factor. The 200 Gbit/s muxponders provide high-service granularity, thereby a failure of a module affects only the service on one port, while the high port-density 600 Gbit/s triple muxponder integrates three independent 200 Gbit/s muxponders in a 1 RU configuration.

MRV noted that the new solutions provide chassis-based modularity across the product line, together with advanced management options including Ethernet and OTN/FEC PM, OTN OAM&P, as well as remote management capabilities based on GCC-channels for high density optical transport applications.

Based on coherent digital CFP2-DCO optics, MRV's OptiDriver 100 Gbit/s transponder and 200 Gbit/s muxponders are designed to enable a cost-effective pay-as-you-grow strategy.

The new transponder and muxponders offer energy efficiency, delivering between 0.16 and 0.25 watts/Gbit/s, combined with high density when installed in OptiDriver stackable chassis from the OD-1, compact one-slot desktop unit to the OD-4-DCI, 1 RU modular pizza box, to the OD-48-HD 48 slot metro and regional WDM platform. The new modules provide up to 1.2 Tbit/s capacity in the 1 RU OD-4-DCI chassis and up to 18 Tbit/s in the OD-48-HD, 10 RU chassis.

MRV stated that the new modules can be used in combination with other modules in the OptiDriver portfolio including optical add/drop multiplexers (OADM), multi rate and multi-protocol transponders, dispersion compensation, ROADMs, optical multiplexers and amplifiers to address a range of DWDM network requirements.

The new modules, which can be  managed via the Pro-Vision life cycle service orchestration software, also offer support for Layer 1 wire-speed, hardware-ready encryption and open line system (OLS) architectures.