Monday, June 19, 2017

Metanoia Gfast chip deployed by Swisscom

Metanoia Communications, a subsidiary of Elan Microelectonics based in Taiwan and developer of high-speed xDSL and Gfast PHY chipsets for wireline broadband applications, announced that it has achieved two key milestones in its Gfast product strategy.

Firstly, Metanoia was part of a product deployment based on its Gfast chip embedded into an SFP solution provided by Swisscom, the incumbent operator in Switzerland; secondly, the company's MT-G5321-based Gfast CPE and DPU products have been certified by the Broadband Forum (BBF) and the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) under the forum's recently launched Gfast Council initiative.

Metanoia noted that mass deployment of the SFP-based Gfast solution by Swisscom commenced recently, designed to enable the operator's customers to benefit from improvements in broadband service throughput and reliability without the need to change the router.

The company also stated that the recent announcement of Gfast Certified products by the BBF, in accordance with its IR-337 certification test specification, is designed to support industry interoperability and expand acceptance of the technology for mass market deployments.

Metanoia's Gfast technology is based on a single configurable device, the MT-G5321, which is designed to be embedded into both CPE solutions, such as SFP units that can be plugged into existing or future home gateways with an SFP cage, and CO solutions, for example low power, single port DPU solutions.

* In October 2016, Metanoia announce it had achieved interoperability between its Gfast solution and the Gfast solution used in Swisscom's DPUs.

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