Monday, June 19, 2017

Mellanox forms strategic agreement with HPE

Mellanox Technologies announced a strategic collaboration with HPE covering high-performance computing and machine learning data centres, and also introduced SHIELD, an interconnect technology that is claimed to improve data centre fault recovery by 5,000 times through providing interconnect autonomous self-healing capabilities.

HPE collaboration

Mellanox collaboration with HPE is designed to enable efficient high-performance computing and machine learning data centres based on technologies from both parties. The joint solutions are intended to enable customers to leverage the InfiniBand and Gen-Z open standards to enhance return on investment for current and future data centres and applications.

Leveraging Mellanox's intelligent and In-Network Computing capabilities of ConnectX-5 InfiniBand adapters and Switch-IB2 InfiniBand switches in the recently launched HPE SGI 8600 and Apollo 6000 Gen10 systems the companies can offer scalable and efficient high-performance computing and machine learning fabric solutions.

The collaboration will enable both companies to develop technology integration and use the forthcoming HDR InfiniBand Quantum switches, ConnectX-6 adapters and future Gen-Z devices. In addition, joint development work with HPE's Advanced Development team will support the advance to Exascale computing.


The new SHIELD technology is enabled within Mellanox's 100 Gbit/s EDR and 200 Gbit/s HDR InfiniBand solutions, providing the ability for interconnect components to exchange real-time information and to make instant smart decisions to help overcome issues and optimise data flows. SHIELD is designed to enable greater reliability, more productive computation and optimised data centre operations.