Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lightwave Logic to participate in development of photonic systems roadmap

Lightwave Logic, a technology company focused on the development of photonic devices and non-linear optical polymer materials for high-speed data communications and telecommunications, announced that its CEO, Dr. Michael Lebby, is participating at the World Technology Mapping Forum in the Netherlands on June 14th.

The forum, which includes photonic industry and trade association members worldwide, is seeking to establish the first International Photonic Systems Roadmap. During the event, Lightwave Logic's Dr. Lebby will also participate in the fibre communications technical working group, with a focus on the evolution of photonic PIC technologies with respect to product volumes, specifications, cost, performance, power and functionality over the next decade.

The completed International Photonic Systems Roadmap is intended to focus attention on key technology platforms and the technical metrics that will constitute the foundation for PIC devices over the coming decade. Lightwave Logic noted that while the incumbent technology is indium phosphide (InP), new technologies such as silicon photonics (SiP), dielectric photonics (DP), and more recently the company's polymer photonics (PP) technology platform, are also being developed.

Lightwave Logic stated that the photonic systems roadmap is expected to review and outline the latest photonic platform testing, packaging, assembly and design processes, as well as substrates and PIC solutions.

The company stated that Dr. Lebby has been involved in a number of photonic roadmaps over the past two decades, contributing to the Optoelectronic Industry Development Association's (OIDA) first photonic roadmaps in the early 1990s. He also assisted the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) develop its roadmap in the late 1990s, and helped create integrated photonics roadmaps while heading OIDA in the 2000s.

Most recently, Dr. Lebby supported the University of Southern California's (USC) integrated photonics roadmap initiative as part of the integrated photonics competition on Manufacturing Institutes funded by federal government in 2015.

  • Previously, in May, Lightwave Logic unveiled a strategy at its annual meeting of shareholders designed to address the 100 Gbit/s market opportunity leveraging its all-organic 25 Gbit/s ridge waveguide modulator in a 4 channel architecture. It also revealed initial simulation results as part of preparations to address the 400 Gbit/s market via 50 Gbit/s ridge waveguide modulators.
  • At the event, the company outlined 25 GHz modulator data indicating the suitability of its devices for 25 Gbit/s applications, and noted it had entered into a contract with a packaging partner with experience in producing high-speed telecoms and data comms optoelectronic devices. The partner will package Lightwave's 25 Gbit/s modulators ahead of further evaluations by potential customers. Dr. Lebby also presented preliminary modelling and simulations of modulators that showed the potential to operate at 50 Gbit/s rates.