Friday, June 9, 2017

CommScope establishes Multi-Tenant Data Center Alliance

CommScope, a supplier of network infrastructure solutions, announced it has formed the Multi-Tenant Data Center (MTDC) Alliance as part of the PartnerPRO Network ecosystem to help members offer optimal network infrastructure solutions for customers wishing to deploy the technology in multi-tenant environments as they seek to address increasing data consumption and the trend of outsourcing data centre facilities.

CommScope noted that demand will continue to grow for MTDC facilities from hyper-scale data centre operators, service providers, cloud providers and enterprises it has established the MTDC Alliance with the aim of assuring customers that work with its certified partners within the PartnerPRO Network that quality enterprise solutions, such as its SYSTIMAX, NETCONNECT and Uniprise solutions, are deployed in MTDCs.

MTDC infrastructure makes advanced technologies such as cloud computing and virtualised data centres available to companies of all sizes; from small- and mid-sized business to large enterprises, while also enabling flexible expansion as businesses grow. By outsourcing data centre services, rather than building, hosting, maintaining and upgrading them, MTDC tenants can achieve significant opex and capex savings.

CommScope noted that its PartnerPRO Network currently has partners in 88 countries and serves as a resource with thousands of distributors, installers, integrators and consultants worldwide.

Regarding the new initiative, Greg Adgate, VP of global technology partners and alliances at Equinix, commented, "With its global network of 179 data centres in 44 markets, as part of the CommScope MTDC Alliance Equinix can offer enterprise customers the optimal data centre deployments that best fit their needs".

  • Previously, in May CommScope announced the introduction of a High Speed Migration platform, designed to help data centre managers develop faster, more agile, high-density migration plans. The High Speed Migration portfolio is designed for duplex and parallel applications and allows customers to adopt the most effective approach to delivering the data centre architecture that meets their specific requirement.

  • The High Speed Migration platform initially features the following CommScope solutions: MPO connectivity options, fibre optic panels, ultra-low loss (ULL) pre-terminated components, LazrSPEED WideBand OM5 solutions and the imVision automated infrastructure management system (AIM).

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