Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Calix develops 10G EPON leveraging AXOS

Calix, a provider of Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access solutions, announced that it is leveraging the AXOS platform to rapidly develop new solutions, and specifically has added 10 Gbit/s EPON to its AXOS eSeries systems.

Calix's new 10 Gbit/s EPON-enabled eSeries solution is designed to provide cable operators with an enhanced, higher capacity platform that can be integrated into customers' existing networks and service delivery models while also offering a migration path to SDN.

Based on AXOS, the company's software-defined access (SDA) platform, Calix used its agile development approach to leverage its layered, componentised and abstracted platform to create a flexible 10 Gbit/s EPON solution. Calix stated that it was able to develop the new solution from design to customer demonstration within 120 days.

The result is the development is the first in a range of AXOS 10 Gbit/s EPON systems integrating support for OLT, routing, IP policy and accounting functions to support the back-office environments of cable operators. Additionally, AXOS 10 Gbit/s EPON systems are designed to meet the range of cable operator form factor needs to support centralised, distributed or virtualised network deployments, as well as supporting SDN transformation plans.

Currently available on the AXOS E3-2 Intelligent PON node, Calix's new 10 Gbit/s EPON will also be added to the AXOS E7-2 Modular Access System and E9-2 Intelligent Edge System over the coming months to address different deployment density requirements.
The company noted that cable operators can leverage the AXOS Sandbox to significantly accelerate the introduction of 10 Gbit/s EPON systems into their networks. AXOS Sandbox, which is available for download, allows customers to begin the integration and testing of production software releases of the Calix AXOS systems in a virtual environment, without the need for Calix hardware.

Additionally, by combining Calix AXOS DPx and 10 Gbit/s EPON systems, cable operators can eliminate the need to modify workflows and operations as they transition to SDN. Based on NetConf interfaces and standards-based Yang models, Calix 10 Gbit/s EPON allows cable operators to adopt SDN to gain automated provisioning in a multi-vendor, multi-technology deployment.