Tuesday, May 16, 2017

XKL introduces DarkStar Mux/Demux-Amplifier

XKL, a provider of optical networking systems, announced the launch of its DarkStar Mux/Demux-Amplifier (DMD-A) optical utility appliance, which offers optional features designed to enable for optimal network flexibility and manageability.

XKL's DMD-A appliance supports a variety of filter options including 48-channel or 96-channel mux/demux and 4-band or 6-band combiner filter, and enables point-to-point or east/west configurations. It also provides support for up to four EDFAs and one Raman amplifier, dependent upon other installed options. The appliance also features dispersion compensation and an integrated optical switch for path protection.

The DMD-A can serve as an integral part of an overall XKL network solution or can interoperate with any optical networking equipment that utilises the standard ITU grid, 50 GHz or 100 GHz channel spacing. The solution offers a simple interface for deployment and management that is designed to enable 'set and forget' administration of the appliance.

As with other XKL products, the DMD-A is compact, provided in a 1 or 2 rack unit form factor, and power efficient, and to help reduce opex is designed to be integrated and operated by IT professionals, without the need for optical engineers.

Additional key features of the DMD-A include: integrated path protection; 48 or 96 channel mux/demux; integrated EDFA and Raman amplification; dispersion compensation; low power consumption; available in 1 RU or 2 RU form factor.

  • Previously, in March XKL introduced the FlexArc solution, designed to enable flexible provisioning and scaling via increased control at Layer 1. Earlier this year, it announced new inline amplifier products for the DarkStar family and launched the DQT10 transponder with ROADM, extending the DQM10 family of DWDM appliances, enabling support for up to 96 channels and alien wave injection.


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