Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New York's Cleareon launches service assurance monitoring solution

Cleareon, a New York City-based provider of network solutions for wireless and wireline carriers, service providers and large enterprises, announced the launch of its new Service Assurance Monitoring and Reporting platform, which allows customers to monitor circuit performance against historical baselines and service level metrics.

Cleareon's new service assurance solution monitors end-to-end circuit performance, as well as the business services and SLA compliance guarantees associated with those circuits, and is specifically designed to:

1. Exceed the requirements of wireless providers with demanding performance expectations for monitoring jitter, packet loss and latency.

2.  Provide granular performance data for Ethernet circuits.

3.   Allow straightforward integration into customer applications via compatibility with APIs.

4.  Deliver reporting for more than 110 different KPIs.

In October 2016 Cleareon announced the acquisition of Pangaea Networks based in Glen Rock, New Jersey, a provider of metro Ethernet services to carriers, service providers and enterprises throughout the New York metro and tri-state region. The combination was intended to create a provider able to deliver a full range of fibre, Ethernet and wavelength services for carriers and large enterprise customers.

Also in October, Cleareon announced service-ready status across its PoPs in New York City and New Jersey, having established a number of new PoPs in New York during the year. In conjunction with the announcement, Cleareon launched a 10 Gigabit Ethernet ring service, PANMetro, enabling dedicated local access for customers.

Commenting on the service assurance offering, Cliff Kane, co-CEO of Cleareon, said, "In complex environments where multiple networks are stitched together to provide the end-user solution, customers need more than a technology view of the network… the Service Assurance portal has dynamic data aggregation and reporting capabilities that enable customers to correlate key network performance data to provide a service-focused view… and organise KPI data and manage it against SLA thresholds for each circuit".