Monday, May 8, 2017

Exceda of Brazil expands XCDN content delivery network worldwide via partners

Exceda based in Sao Paolo, announced that XCDN, a major eCommerce-based CDN, that is currently available only to customers in the Americas region, is to be expanded via collaborations with multiple CDN partners to enable the delivery of website content to and from locations worldwide.

Established in 2002 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Exceda is a major Akamai channel partner providing CDN, DDoS, WAF, data analysis and professional services designed to help customers accelerate web performance while reducing their infrastructure costs.

Exceda XCDN works by caching customer website content in hundreds of thousands of servers located in networks and data centres worldwide. This allows content to be served from the location nearest to the end user, based on both the distance and network conditions, to reduce latency. The service is designed to protect users from site outages and slowdowns due to heavy visitor traffic, Internet outages and malicious traffic, as well as help reduce expenditure on physical or cloud web infrastructure.

XCDN, which is delivered via a partnership with Akamai, is currently available to customers across the Americas region and is due to be available for sales outside of the Americas from July 2017.

Describing the service, Exceda's CTO, Terry Drozdowski, said, "Simplicity is at the heart of XCDN, customers pay a flat rate for traffic delivered anywhere in the world… I believe that XCDN will be extremely attractive to small businesses throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa who will be able deliver their sites via XCDN starting in July".