Monday, May 8, 2017

Dell Offers Flexible Models to Counter Public Cloud

Dell Technologies will offer flexible consumption models for its products company-wide. The idea is to let enterprise customers pay for IT products on an as-needed basis similar to public cloud services. The flexible payment model, which is arranged through Dell Financial Services, enable customers to reduce the large up-front costs of on-premises hardware.
tal costs.

The flex pricing is initially available for all Dell EMC storage solutions. Customers pay only for the storage capacity needed, which reduces costs associated with overprovisioning. Importantly, Flex on Demand provides instant access to additional buffer capacity during spikes driven by the business, with payments adjusting to match usage. DFS offers a low capacity commitment and a flexible payment period so customers may pay only for what is consumed, freeing up budgets for other projects.

“Many IT leaders worry about unforeseen costs and risks when adopting new or different technologies, but organizations that do not invest in IT Transformation initiatives risk falling behind their competitors,” said Howard Elias, President, Dell EMC Services and IT. “With flexible, simple and predictable payment solutions, we help organizations adopt the technology—from the desktop to the datacenter—that best suits their business needs today and allows a more pay-as-go model for modernizing and transforming IT.”