Thursday, May 4, 2017

Calix introduces AXOS RPm module enabling Layer 3 routing

Calix announced the introduction of AXOS RPm (Routing Protocol Module), a software module that brings Layer 3 intelligence and routing capabilities to the access network that connects subscribers to the content and applications in the data centre and cloud.

Enabled by the Calix AXOS Software Defined Access (SDA) architecture, the new module is designed to enable telcos to transform the physical Layer 2 access network into an always-on, Layer 3-ready network with the ability to efficiently support monitoring, accounting and policy services close to the subscriber.

Calix noted that as the number of subscriber devices connected to the network increases, having visibility into how subscribers are using the network is a key capability for service providers. The new AXOS RPm delivers visibility via Layer 3 routing, including static routing and protocols such as OSPF/IS-IS and BGP, thereby enabling enhanced visibility and control of the access network, from the core to the endpoint.

Additionally, AXOS RPm can be deployed deep in the access network within Calix products including the AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge systems, E7-2 Modular Access systems and E3-2 Intelligent PON nodes. Placing intelligence closer to the subscriber is designed to offer service providers greater flexibly in managing and delivering subscriber services.

Enabling the access network with Layer 3 routing capability is designed to allow service providers to simplify their operations by removing the need for the Layer 2 access network between the Layer 3 subscriber network and Layer 3 edge network. Leveraging a single network model from the core to premises, service providers are able to simplify routers deployed in the edge network and eliminate Layer 2 to Layer 3 conversions.

Calix offers a range of AXOS solutions that support anyPHY and anySDN designed to fit into service providers' existing operational models. In addition, the flexible AXOS systems allow service providers to retain a Layer 2 network model until ready to transition to a Layer 3-enabled intelligent network.

Commenting on the new solution, Shane Eleniak, Calix VP of systems products, said, "AXOS RPm and the Layer 3 model provide new levels of intelligence in the access network… Calix customers will… (gain) greater visibility into subscriber behaviours, resulting in significantly more informed and proactive network management capabilities as well as heightened control of the subscriber experience".