Wednesday, April 12, 2017

VeloCloud Establishes Security Ecosystem for SD-WAN

VeloCloud Networks, the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN company, announced the launch of the SD-WAN Security Technology Partner Program and partnerships with security industry players IBM Security, Check Point Software Technologies, Fortinet and Zscaler.

VeloCloud's SD-WAN security technology partner program is designed to integrate its enterprise SD-WAN architecture with leading security solutions. The VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN enables enterprise customers to operate WANs, flexibly support applications and simplify branch office deployments while using their preferred interoperable security products for branch, data centre and cloud environments.

Through the partner program, VeloCloud is working with IBM Security to deliver the Secure SD-WAN service from IBM Managed Security Services, which is designed to enable zero-trust security and improved network performance along with reduced operational and telecom circuit costs.

VeloCloud's SD-WAN security partner program covers the three areas of the SD-WAN security framework, comprising network, cloud and management. This encompasses: network security interoperability in the branch and security VNF integration on the VeloCloud Edge; cloud security via direct connect from branch to cloud and security in IaaS through VeloCloud Edges and Gateways; and interfaces to security operations centres, SIEM solutions and security analytics.

Under the program, technology partners have access to the extensible VeloCloud Technology Partner SD-WAN API (for orchestration, control and data) and SDK, in addition to the VeloCloud VNF framework. Partners are also able to integrate and insert services using the VeloCloud VNF-ready platform development framework, which offers support for an integrated security VNF.

As part of the initiative, VeloCloud has also joined Fortinet's Fabric-Ready Partner Program, through which it has worked with Fortinet to validate technology integration and ensure interoperability with the Fortinet FortiHypervisor platform. Additionally, VeloCloud is a Check Point Open Platform for Security (OPSEC) partner and has created a joint solution with Zscaler that enables secure Internet access to on-premises and cloud hosted services.