Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Huawei presents Symmetric 25G PON, Calls for Unified Standards

At the recent Huawei Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, the company presented on the key symmetric 25 Gbit/s PON technologies that can enable multiple wavelengths to deliver N x 25 Gbit/s bandwidths over a single fibre and called on industry partners to support the creation of unified next-generation PON standards.

Huawei noted that single-wavelength 25 Gbit/s PON adapts fixed wavelengths that can be easily implemented. In addition, the established chain of single-wavelength 25 Gbit/s optical components are able to share the resources of data centre and Ethernet sectors, allowing further cost reductions and enhanced reliability for optical components.

As part of its strategy for 25 Gbit/s PON, Huawei is promoting the delivery of 25 Gbit/s upstream wavelengths based on reusing the existing 10 Gbit/s PON standards to allow compatibility with existing 10 Gbit/s PON terminals.

Huawei stated that it has developed a symmetric 25 Gbit/s PON prototype based on its MA5800 high-capacity OLT featuring a distributed architecture, which is in large-scale commercial use. Through the use of multi-wavelength binding, the prototype is able to support N x 25 Gbit/s bandwidth. In addition, optical distribution network (ODN) infrastructure can be reused and both GPON and 10 Gbit/s PON technologies can be deployed on the same network to provide investment protection.

For future PON standards and research, Huawei is promoting unified next-generation PON standards. Meanwhile, to expand the PON market, allow sharing of industry resources, reduce deployment costs and speed time to market, Huawei noted that standardisation organisations such as the ITU-T, IEEE and BBF, as well as major operators including China Telecom, are calling for unified next-generation PON standards.

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Huawei unveiled what it claimed was the first commercial symmetric 10 Gbit/s GPON (also termed XGS-PON) solution in September 2016. The XGS-PON solution targets enterprise private line applications and is based on OLT and optical network unit (ONU) products.

At the central office (CO), the solution features Huawei's distributed smart OLT MA5800 equipped with XGS-PON boards to provide 10 Gbit/s symmetric bandwidth per port. It is also compatible with asymmetric 10 Gbit/s GPON terminals. At the user end, Huawei provides box-style and board-mountable ONU with upstream XGS-PON ports.

In addition, for demanding home users, Huawei provides a special ONT incorporating XGS-PON, Gigabit Ethernet and POTS ports, plus support for dual-band WiFi to enable gigabit bandwidth in FTTH scenarios.

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