Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Huawei launches 8-slot compact backbone router for NE9000 Series platform

Huawei announced the release of the eight-slot NE9000-8, the latest product in its series of backbone routers and based on the same platform as the previously released, larger capacity 20-slot NE9000 solution.

Huawei's new NE9000-8 platform provides high forwarding capacity together with a range of service features and is designed to serve as an interconnect node for small or medium-sized data centre or metro core nodes. The NE9000 series products are designed to address carrier requirements for backbone network service development and help to prepare carrier networks for the transition to the cloud.

The NE9000-8 backbone router offers high capacity and integration and, via eight service slots, enables support for what is claimed to be the first 4 Tbit/s routing line card, delivering total capacity of up to 32 Tbit/s. The solution also enables an evolution to 8 Tbit/s per slot to support the future service requirements of interconnect nodes for small/medium-sized data centres and metro core nodes.

Delivered in half the height of a 2.2-metre standard cabinet, the NE9000-8 offers a more compact and cost-effective solution while providing the same capacity and consuming half the power compared with similar products.

Huawei noted that leveraging operating system virtualisation, a single NE9000 platform can be virtualised to provide multiple logical devices, allowing control, management and physical resource isolation for services. This capability allows converged bearing of multiple services, thereby helping to reduce the number of network nodes required, as well as lowering network costs.

The NE9000 is a key element of Huawei's CloudBackbone solution, which is designed to help carriers adjust network configurations and enhance overall network efficiency utilising real-time monitoring of network traffic and centralised control and management.