Friday, April 21, 2017

Ericsson unveils virtualised video processing platform with MediaFirst controller

Ericsson has announced the launch of a platform that provides the foundation for all-IP and cloud native delivery models with the new MediaFirst Management Controller and MediaFirst Encoding Live 8.1.

Ericsson's fully virtualised processing solution, unveiled at NAB 2017, is designed to enable operators to address consumer demand for new services in areas such as UHD TV, virtual and augmented reality, as well as providing support for new revenue opportunities through dynamic ad insertion.

Able to operate on any platform, including pure software, common off the shelf (COTS) server hardware, private and public cloud, the flexible solution is designed to enable complex configurations by providing control for all processing elements utilising a service-based approach that secures operations and optimises service quality.

Leveraging its video compression expertise, and working in collaboration with customers and users, Ericsson MediaFirst Management Controller is designed to simplify the transition to a software-based architecture and provide a unified access point for Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing products including Encoding Live, On Demand, Packaging and Stream Processing.

The new Ericsson solution allows operators to move from a monolithic approach towards a more agile, service-based allocation that helps streamline application management and deployment across multiple services and clusters. The new management platform offers centralised visibility, configuration and control, as well as providing flexible failover and licensing management for MediaFirst Video Processing applications. It can also adapt to changing conditions.

Ericsson's new MediaFirst Video Processing Encoding Live 8.1 enables faster content deployment with enhanced efficiency. The new version specifically offers a unified microservice architecture across any platform type and features centralised management, integral failover and dynamic licensing, together with faster video transcoding and high density when implemented on a platform based on Intel's Quick Sync Video (QSV) dedicated video hardware core.

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