Monday, April 3, 2017

Dobson selects ADVA fibre assurance solution for Oklahoma network

ADVA Optical Networking announced that Dobson Technologies, an Oklahoma-based telecom services, transport network and IT provider, has selected the ADVA ALM fibre assurance solution, launched last October, for its state-wide optical network.

ADVA's link monitoring technology is designed to deliver precise, real-time insight into key portions of Dobson Technologies' fibre plant, which spans over 3,000 miles across Oklahoma and the Texas pan-handle. The ALM solution provides continuous performance data and will help Dobson to improve service availability for its enterprise customers.

Leveraging the ALM solution's optical demarcation points, which are designed to provide full network visibility, Dobson Technologies will be able to rapidly respond to faults on the network and deliver enhanced service assurance for customers.

The ADVA ALM technology serves to non-intrusively monitor Dobson Technologies' network, which supports 100 Gbit/s services utilising the ADVA FSP 3000 platform. Designed to operate with low power consumption, ALM works independently and creates no interference as it proactively monitors the network. This allows both transparency and avoids any impact on applications provisioned over the fibre infrastructure.

ADVA noted that the solution enables fibre links to be monitored in-service without the need to install active equipment at endpoints. In the case that a failure is detected by ALM, maintenance teams can be immediately alerted to investigate and discover whether the problem is fibre-related or due to equipment failure on the client side, helping to reduce costs for the service provider.

ADVA unveiled its ALM link monitoring solution in October 2016. Designed to change the way operators monitor fibre networks, the plug-and-play device ALM solution was claimed at the time to be the most compact and cost-efficient fibre assurance product available. ALM enables operators to pinpoint faults and avoid unnecessary repair work.

Regarding the deployment, Adam Cavazos, VP, network systems and engineering at Dobson Technologies, said, "ADVA's fibre monitoring technology… (offers) total access-link visibility… Dobson can proactively monitor its entire network, remotely pinpoint areas of concern and quickly identify and locate faults… the ALM assurance solution supports a simpler, more sustainable process for operations and maintenance…".


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