Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cloudways Launches Auto-scalable Cloud Hosting on Bare-metal containers

Cloudways based in Malta, a provider of managed Container-as-a-Service for web apps, has unveiled managed, auto-scalable cloud hosting on Kyup bare-metal containers designed to scale up and down without human intervention and with virtually no downtime.

The company noted that auto-scalability is a key requirement for web app deployment, and websites deployed on managed Kyup containers from Cloudways able to provide auto-scaling in response to fluctuating traffic volumes. As a website registers high traffic levels, the server (RAM and CPU) scales to prevent downtime, before reverting to normal when traffic declines to allow improved resource utilisation.

Leveraging Cloudways Cloud Platform, users can quickly launch Kyup containers, while developers can select from a range of provided installers to create web apps. Users can also launch a simple PHP stack for deploying custom PHP-based applications.

In addition, Cloudways ThunderStack, a formula developed based on the latest web-server and caching technologies, is claimed to enable apps to run up to 300% faster compared with other cloud platforms.

Cloudways also features the CloudwaysBot, a bot that generates notifications to website owners within the platform and via email, Slack, or HipChat when the server scales up and down. The bot can also provide users with server and app related insights.

Together with Kyup, Cloudways claims to offer the first managed Container-as-a-Service for web apps. With Cloudways, developers and designers can use managed, auto-scalable Kyup containers to efficiently deploy PHP-based apps. The platform features over 50 one-click features, including browser-based SSH, free SSL, Git and staging areas.