Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Calix unveils AXOS OFx OpenFlow Connector for ONOS/CORD

Calix of Petaluma, California, a provider of Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access solutions, has announced the completion of the AXOS OFx (OpenFlow) Connector for the ON.Lab vOLT-HA (virtual optical line terminal-hardware abstraction) open source project.

Leveraging the native NetConf/Yang interfaces of the Calix AXOS platform, OFx si designed to enable the rapid integration of the AXOS Software Defined Access platform into ON.Lab ONOS and CORD (Central Office Re-imaged as a Datacenter) networks.

Calix stated that AXOS OFx, which was implemented in under four weeks, represents the start of the anySDN era, and marks the first time that CORD has been extended to commercial OLT systems, thereby allowing service providers to advance with the plug-and-play adoption of CORD for production networks.

The new AXOS OFx Connector is the next step in Calix's ongoing involvement with the ON.Lab ONOS and CORD projects. The company noted that as service providers begin to implement a CORD architecture, OFx Connector and the vOLT-HA software will provide the integration layer and enable operators to integrate OSS and SDN controllers into their business systems.

In addition, the OFx and vOLT-HA solutions will allow new products such as Calix's AXOS E9-2 intelligent edge system to be quickly installed into the network without the need for integration work.

Calix noted that service providers seeking to leverage its anySDN technology offering can download AXOS Sandbox to enable integration and testing of production software releases of Calix systems virtually, without the need for Calix hardware.

AXOS Sandbox offers a virtualised AXOS system software implementation that complements the AXOS architecture and is designed to allow OSS/BSS integration in a risk-free environment. AXOS Sandbox provides virtual instances of production Calix system software, allowing partners to create a virtual network for testing of broadband services. As well as the management plane of AXOS systems, AXOS Sandbox also provides the data plane and control plane elements.