Monday, April 24, 2017

Calix Launches Marketing Cloud

Calix, the provider of Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access, announced the release of Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC), a new cloud solution that builds on the company's five years of cloud-based customer support.

Calix noted that marketing teams at service providers may have access to limited, static subscriber data from billing and data consumption, which does not provide insight into subscriber usage and preference trends. The new CMC solution enables better understanding of subscribers by aggregating behavioural data, allowing the marketer to create, target and execute more effective campaigns.

Calix's CMC features behavioural filters that allow the creation of actionable lists of target subscribers extracted directly from back-office systems, which can then loaded into focused marketing campaigns.

The new cloud-based CMC solution delivers key behavioural information to service providers' marketing teams, including:

1.         Subscriber insights: via a nightly data refresh, CMC reveals trends in a single dashboard view, with an emphasis on identifying subscribers that may be interested in a service upgrade and those prone to churn.

2.         Customer segmentation: designed to simplify the segmentation process, providing detailed breakdowns of user types such as gamers, social media enthusiasts and over-the-top (OTT) service users, enabling the creation of contextually relevant product bundles and marketing content and targeted campaigns.

3.         Targeted campaigns: based on subscriber segmentation, CMC allows the export of target groups into automated marketing engines such as Salesforce Pardot or Marketo, for bill inserts, online campaigns via the best social media channel, or campaigns loaded into a CRM system.

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