Monday, March 27, 2017

ZTE Carries 400G Single Carrier over 2,125km

ZTE claimed a new record for long-haul 400 Gbit/s single-carrier optical transmission utilising patented compensation algorithms that enable transmission of 84 Gbaud WDM for PDM-8QAM signals over a distance of up to 2,125 km on standard single-mode fibre.

The test is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of ZTE's patented 504 Gbit/s PDM-8QAM technology for 400 Gbit/s transport. The test involved 84 GBaud PDM-8QAM signals generated and pre-processed by a 84 GSa/s digital analogue converter with joint pre-equalisation and look-up-table pre-distortion algorithms. Using receiver-side digital-backward propagation (DBP) fibre nonlinearity compensation, ZTE achieved eight-channel WDM transmission with EDFA-only amplification enabled.

ZTE noted that in 2015 it partnered with OFS to deliver transmission of 128.8 Gbaud WDM QPSK signals over 10,130 km and 6,078 km of terrestrial fibre at different spectrum efficiency, while in 2016 it demonstrated single-carrier 800 Gbit/s transmission with 120 Gbaud WDM 16QAM signals over 1,200 km terrestrial fibre links.