Friday, March 17, 2017

VPIphotonics Upgrades its Photonic Simulation and Analysis Tools

VPIphotonics, a provider of photonic design automation solutions for components, systems and networks, has announced the release of VPIphotonics Design Suite Version 9.8, a simulation and analysis environment for optical components and transmission systems.

The latest release of VPIphotonics Design Suite supports four application-specific simulation tools - VPIcomponentMakerPhotonic Circuits, VPIcomponentMakerFiber Optics, VPItransmissionMaker Optical Systems and VPIlabExpert, and offers enhancements to the user interface and tools operation to help streamline the design and analysis processes. In addition, improved simulation capabilities enhance support for research and product development for new technologies, components and systems.

Target applications for VPIphotonics Design Suite span integrated photonics and optoelectronics, fibre-based lasers and amplifiers and low-cost high-speed direct detection and high-capacity flexible digital coherent systems.

Key new capabilities featured in version 9.8 include:

1. Data-sheet model for directly modulated lasers driven by multilevel data signals as used in PAM applications.

2. Added functionality for synchronising received and reference sequences for DSP and performance estimation.

3. Enhanced multimode fibre module to support coupling between different mode groups.

4. Improved doped multimode fibre solver to support cross-sections spectra of 2-level rare-earth dopant ions, besides Erbium ions, plus analysis tool for multimode amplifiers to characterise gain, noise, mode-resolved signal and noise powers, OSNRs and BERs.

5. Bidirectional electro-optic amplitude and phase modulator allowing control of the electro-absorption and -refraction effects in waveguides.

6. Enhanced modelling of curved waveguides with arbitrary shapes and a new library of waveguides with frequently used curvature shapes.

7. M x N arrayed waveguide grating model using the scattering matrix approach based on datasheet or measured data.

VPIphotonics' noted that Design Suite also incorporates over 850 demonstrations to show the functionality and application range, with new demonstrations for applications such as coded modulation, Stokes vector modulation, PAM, PON transceiver characterisation, 5G wireless backhaul over fibre, DBR fibre lasers and electrooptic components.

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