Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Source Photonics Demos XGS-PON N2 OLT module, 53 Gbaud PAM4

Source Photonics announced that at OFC 2017 it is demonstrating its recently introduced XGS-PON N2 OLT optical module, and that with MACOM Technology Solutions (MACOM) it is showcasing a 53 Gbaud PAM4 solution delivering a 6 dB loss budget using a compact TOSA and ROSA capable of supporting single lambda 100 Gbit/s in a QSFP28 form factor.

Source Photonics' XGS-PON optical transceiver module is designed to offer a universal upgrade path from existing GPON networks to next generation XGS-PON networks supporting multi-gigabit services. The company is demonstrating the transmission with the XGSPON N2 OLT XFP optical module over a 20 km optical link.

The XGS-PON N2 OLT offered in the XFP form factor meets the N2 class maximum optical link budget set in the XGS-PON standard G.9807.1, providing 9.953 Gbit/s downstream and upstream data rates and supporting a 1:64 split ratio over 20 km links.

The company noted that its optical and electrical design capabilities enable the integration of a 1577 nm EML transmitter and burst mode 1270 nm APD receiver with micro-optic WDM filters to provision a single-fibre, dual-wavelength upgrade and overlay pathway for migration of existing class B+ and C+ GPON networks to XGPON and XGS-PON. Source Photonics will demonstrate downstream optical power of the OLT at over 5 dBm with uplink sensitivity of -30 dBm at 1 x 10-3.

The XGS-PON N2 OLT is due to begin sampling in March 2017 and available for production in the third quarter of the year.

In addition, MACOM and Source Photonics are demonstrating a 53 Gbaud PAM4 solution. The companies are part of the ecosystem for 53 Gbaud PAM4 components that is aiming to meet demand for lower cost, higher density solutions for cloud data centre applications leveraging single wavelength 100 Gbit/s PAM4 technology.

The demonstration is designed to show that 53 Gbaud PAM4 PHYs can enable a production-grade EML laser to replace four 25 Gbit/s NRZ lasers; thereby improving the scalability of 100 Gbit/s transceivers, as well as providing the basis for duplex single mode fibre for 400 Gbit/s small form factor modules.

The demonstration comprises MACOM's 16 nm, 56 Gbaud PAM4 PHY IC on an evaluation board driving an optical loop back through a Source Photonics TOSA and ROSA. The small form factor TOSA package developed by Source Photonics uses its internal 53 Gbaud EML laser, which can deliver a more than 3 dB improvement over the proposed 100GBASE-DR OMA specification.

The joint 53 Gbaud PAM4 demonstration utilising a compact TOSA and ROSA combination, is designed to operate below the KP4 FEC requirement with a 6dB loss budget. Source Photonics and MACOM believe that the demonstration marks a key step toward realising a commercial single lambda solution able to replace many four channel solutions.

Source Photonics also announced that in cooperation with Semtech it is demonstrating a 53 GBaud PAM4 compact ROSA capable of supporting a single lambda 100 Gbit/s QSFP28. The demonstration comprises an optical loop back from a Source Photonics' 53 GBaud TOSA using a production-grade EML laser and 53 GBaud ROSA based on Semtech's GN1089 TIA. The combined TOSA and ROSA link can support a loss budget of 5 dB and better than 1 x 10-5 BER over the link.


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