Monday, March 27, 2017

Luxtera Begins Volume Shipments of 2 x 100G PSM4

Luxtera, a developer of silicon photonics technology, announced shipping in volume of what it claims it the first 2 x 100 Gbit/s PSM4 (parallel single mode fibre 4-lane) embedded optical transceiver, designed for cloud data centre, enterprise and telecom networking applications.

The company noted that the compact LUX62608 OptoPHY module was developed employing its patented and proven silicon photonics integration platform and is designed to deliver high density with long reach optics at significantly lower cost than using two 100 Gbit/s front panel pluggable QSFP modules.

Luxtera's OptoPHY 2 x 100G-PSM4 solution includes eight independently operating transmitter and receiver channels, integrating high-speed phase modulators, photodetectors, waveguides, grating couplers, high-speed electrical retimers and control circuitry and is powered by a single integrated laser. The components are packaged in a silicon photonics chipset, with no additional external elements required.

Key features of the product include: 200 Gbit/s aggregate bandwidth optical transceiver; compliance with 2 x 100G PSM4; 8 x 26 Gbit/s independently operating channels with full-duplex operation; multi-rate 1-25.78 Gbit/s per channel performance; extended reach of up to 2 km; and typical power consumption of less than 5 W.

Luxtera stated that the OptoPHY 2 x 100G-PSM4 optical transceiver has been selected by Ericsson as the optical interconnect for its Hyperscale Datacenter System, HDS 8000, a cloud computing system with a disaggregated architecture. OptoPHY serves as the optical interconnect for the HDS 8000's compute, networking and storage sleds and helps to eliminate tradeoffs between reach and cost performance.