Friday, March 24, 2017

Juniper Shows its Open Cloud Interconnect DCI

Juniper Networks announced the introduction of Open Cloud Interconnect, a data centre interconnect (DCI) solution designed to enable network operators to accelerate cloud service delivery while simplifying network operations.

The Juniper solution integrates new high-capacity coherent optical technology with open, programmable routing, switching, security and virtualisation capabilities to enable customers to optimise multi-layer DCI networks and gain increased network automation, visibility and control.
Juniper noted that with new cloud business models emerging to address demand, network operators face challenges in areas such as scaling network capacity, optimising network resources and simplifying operations. In addition, proprietary, single-layer vendor products can limit an operator's ability to adapt quickly to the needs of cloud-based business.

Juniper's new Open Cloud Interconnect solution is designed to help data centre operators to address these challenges leveraging developments extending from the IP to the photonic layer designed to enable an open, scalable, secure and simpler DCI network.

Designed to align with the its recently-announced Unite Cloud for the Data Center and the Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) platform, Juniper's Open Cloud Interconnect can be adapted to support a range of network architectures, enabling cloud providers, service providers and large enterprises to build, optimise and control DCI networks to meet their individual requirements.
The Open Cloud Interconnect incorporates technologies from Juniper's product portfolio, including MX Series 3D universal edge routers, QFX Series switches and Contrail Networking, which can be used to build custom DCI solutions.

Juniper's Open Cloud Interconnect solution specifically features new coherent DWDM line cards for the QFX10000 and BTI7800 platforms to enable greater capacity and reach. The QFX10000 coherent DWDM line card integrates 1.2 Tbit/s of optical capacity with 6 ports of up to 200 Gbit/s, and enables the delivery of DCI-optimised Ethernet VPN (EVPN), VXLAN and MacSec security with scalable, low-power coherent DWDM.

The solution also features the new UFM6 line card for the BTI 7800 series, offering a muxponder/transponder that combines 10 configurable 10/100 Gigabit Ethernet client ports and 2 coherent DWDM ports of up to 200 Gbit/s. The UFM6 also supports SD-FEC for improved performance over metro, regional and long-haul spans up to 2,000 km and is interoperable with coherent DWDM line cards from Juniper and third-party suppliers.

The solution also offers network visibility and control functionality via open APIs that extend the capabilities of the proNX Service Manager software to allow management of coherent optical interfaces on Juniper MX and PTX Series routers, QFX Series switches and the BTI Series packet optical portfolio. Additionally, multi-layer control is available through Yang-based integration of proNX and Juniper's NorthStar controller.

Juniper's new UFM6 line card and updated proNX service manager software are available immediately; the coherent DWDM line card for the QFX10000 is due to be available in the second quarter of the year.