Monday, March 27, 2017

Huawei Marine Shows Unrepeatered Ultra Long Haul

Huawei Marine presented a live demonstration of its ultra-long unrepeatered system and ZTE announced what it claims is a new record for long-haul 400 Gbit/s single-carrier optical transmission.

In September 2016, Huawei Marine announced it had achieved transmission of up to 648.9 km using an unrepeatered system. Based on its 100 Gbit/s technology, enhanced Raman amplifier (ERPC) and remote optical pump amplifier (ROPA), Huawei claims that ultra-long unrepeatered system transmission distance can be increased by up to 10%.

For the demonstration at OFC, Huawei Marine recreated its lab environment in Beijing. The company stated that by observing signal spectrum on the receiver side and signal power evolution across the link span, the system can deliver high reliability and transmission capabilities.

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