Thursday, March 9, 2017

Google Builds out its Cloud Portfolio

Google rolled out significant enhancements to its cloud platform. Here are some highlights:

  • Google has invested an estimated  $26 billion over the past 3 years in its infrastructure, including data centers and networks
  • Google has built a custom security chip codenamed Titan that operates at the BIOS level. Intel is also introducing new security tools to keep customer data secure. 
  • Three new Google Cloud Platform Regions are coming online -- The Netherlands, Montreal (Canada), and California, in addition to other data center construction underway in Northern Virginia, São Paulo, London, Finland, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney.
  • Google is already deploying Intel's latest Skylake processors in its servers
  • New developer tools and data analytic services that will help enterprises build apps in the cloud and find new value from their data. 
  • Google Cloud Platform now offers an expanded environment for Google App Engine and welcomes all developers to use the public beta of Cloud Functions, including its new integration with Firebase. 
  • BigQuery, Google’s data warehouse, now features new pipelines that make it easy for customers to analyze their data from Google Adwords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, and YouTube Analytics. This enables marketers and advertisers to gain a single view of their customer experience. 
  • Google Cloud launched a new Commercial Dataset program that enables users to access licensed datasets within BigQuery. This will offer the opportunity for businesses to access more data and find more robust insights and more easily build machine learning models.
  • Cloud Dataprep is a new data preparation tool that is capable of automatically detecting types of data, enabling data analysts and scientists to find insights at a faster rate.

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