Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fujitsu Labs Unveils Tech for Multi-location Virtual Networks

Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Laboratories of America have announced the development of technology designed to simplify the delivery and operation of virtual network infrastructures that span multiple clouds and corporate networks.

The company noted that using conventional technology it is possible to build virtual network infrastructure within an individual cloud or corporate location utilising software defined networking (SDN) technology. However, virtual network infrastructure spanning multiple clouds and locations can require a different set-up for each cloud and location and manual configuration to connect each element of the IT infrastructure.

To address this issue, Fujitsu has developed software technology that abstracts the structural elements of networks in the IT infrastructure and which can support design, build, management and operation across multiple IT infrastructures. The company claims the technology can enable virtual network infrastructure to be built in one-tenth the time required with conventional technology for a virtual network infrastructure encompassing one cloud and a location with a few dozen devices.

The now solution developed by Fujitsu Labs and Fujitsu Labs of America functions by abstracting the structural elements of IT infrastructure to enable automated design and deployment of IT infrastructure that extends across multiple locations, while managing and operating the system as a single network infrastructure.

The new technology features elements as follows:

1. IT infrastructure abstraction via modelling of structural elements of IT infrastructure using logical software components to enable key features such as element configuration and operational status monitoring, allowing users to automatically build and operate virtual network infrastructures across multiple instances of IT infrastructure.

2. Virtual network function automatic supplemental technology to support the conversion from a logical to a virtual network infrastructure through deriving the designer's plans from the connection status of the logical network, automatically supplementing network functions by checking the connections between objects at different levels, such as IT infrastructure, subnets and nodes located at each end of a connection.

Fujitsu Labs stated that using the technology it is possible, for example, for a single engineer to design and configure a virtual infrastructure across one cloud and a location with a dozens of devices within one day. In addition, when migrating enterprise systems to the cloud it is possible to rapidly implement a project by performing operations on the logical network, or when setting up a network at multiple locations, by designing one logical network and then implementing a virtual network at each location.

Fujitsu Labs plan to continue development of additional functions for lifecycle management in logical networks using the technology, with the aim that Fujitsu will be able to provide sales as a network management function for enterprise users of cloud services after fiscal 2017.