Monday, March 6, 2017

Aricent Enhances ANS for Automation in Virtualised Networks

Aricent, a global technology design and engineering company, has announced new capabilities within its Autonomous Network Solution (ANS), designed to provide intelligent automation for next-generation virtualised networks.

Aricent ANS, based on components complaint with standards including ETSI NFV, ETSI AFI GANA, MEF LSO and TM-Forum Zoom, is designed to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support the network transformation. The company cited two applications for AI in networking: enhancing productivity in development, for example in DevOps for root cause analysis, and to enable the network to become an intelligent, as well as an automated, platform

Aricent's Autonomous Network Solution is designed to support functionality including:

1. Network management and orchestration, providing a platform to define and manage virtual network function (VNF) service chains, policies, resource consumption and performance metrics.

2. Lifecycle service orchestration (LSO), enabling an: intent-based management layer to control physical and virtual network resources utilising both physical network and NFV orchestrators.

3. A self-optimisation framework, based on a bespoke machine learning tool chain that can support multiple use cases, such as predictive defect detection, root cause analysis and low latency network services.

Aricent also announced the launch of Cognitive Services, designed to enhance customer engagement and loyalty leveraging AI. Aricent Cognitive Services span service development, design, strategy and software and hardware development and specifically include data-driven design services and capabilities from frog that support data exploration and machine learning techniques, and CognitiveDrive Train Platform (CDP), designed to enable the assembly and integration of AI services from platforms such as IBM Watson, Amazon, Microsoft and Google ML.

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