Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ericsson Launches Security Automator for Telco & Enterprise Clouds

Ericsson is launching its new Security Manager product to automate protection of important assets across multiple ICT domains and to detect threats, vulnerabilities, and risks leveraging real-time security analytics. The software aims to provide out-of-the-box security for telco cloud operations, enterprises, physical and virtual networks and digital support solutions

Ericsson said its new Security Manager is a tool to set and enforce security policies to protect important assets by configuring security controls such as firewalls or block chain solutions to achieve the desired security architecture and provide predictive analytics to detect unwanted activity. It provides real-time, contextual security management leveraging a customizable, adaptive policy engine. The Ericsson Security Manager is part of the Ericsson Digital Support System to support out-of-the-box security for cloud operations, enterprises, physical and virtual networks and digital support solutions.

"In today's ICT landscape, security is of the utmost importance for organizations across all domains. Ericsson Security Manager leverages our leadership and expertise across a wide array of ICT domains to bring to the market an innovative, adaptive and contextual security automation solution for telecom networks as well as cloud, IoT and enterprises. It provides the level of security that our customers across industries not only seek, but fundamentally require for the integrity of their operations," stated Anders Lindblad, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit IT & Cloud Products, Ericsson.

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