Thursday, February 9, 2017

Docker Datacenter Adds Container-Native Secrets Management

Docker Datacenter now includes container-native secrets management for API keys, encryption keys and passwords are required for applications to securely interact/

Docker said its container-native secrets management uniquely addresses enterprise requirements for “usable security” by providing a single standardized interface for all applications, making it easy to secure applications whether for Dev or Ops or for Dockerizing traditional apps or microservices. The secrets are encrypted in transit and at rest, leveraging Docker’s built in orchestration capabilities to deliver defined secrets only to the containers running the service associated with it.

“Docker’s secret management capability is the latest security enhancement integrated into the Docker platform as part of our ongoing effort to ensure applications are safer in a containerized environment,” said Nathan McCauley, Security Director at Docker. “Enterprises in the financial services and government sectors with the highest bars for security have recognized that our solution can be a cornerstone to their overall hybrid cloud security strategy. Docker secrets management, as with all aspects of security handled in Docker Datacenter, provides organizations with one security model that can be applied and managed uniformly on premise, in the cloud and across cloud providers.”

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