Monday, January 16, 2017

O3b Networks Sees Growth Across Asia Pacifiv

O3b Networks ended 2016 contracting upwards of 7.5 Gbps throughout the Asia Pacific region, and generating an increase of approximately 30% year-on-year growth for the total used bandwidth.

The company said its fast growth in APAC was a direct result of the successful performance of its high throughput, low latency satellite-enabled network and growing demand for high-quality connectivity.

During 2016, all existing O3b APAC customers upgraded their contracted capacity and, most notably, two Tier-1 Telco providers were added to the company’s customer roster. In 2016 a number of the O3b APAC customers implemented ultra-high availability solutions, to further improve service up-time. In partnership with its customers, O3b has implemented both Site Diversity with additional O3b Terminals, and Hybrid Band diversity through SES C-Band satellite capacity, enabling mission critical services to be maintained through network restoration techniques. O3b is delivering these solutions through its O3b Network Services capabilities, combining unrivalled satellite performance with always-on networking.

“As we reflect on growth in 2016 and move forward into the new year, we are massively proud of the strides we have made in the Asia Pacific Region,” said Steve Collar, CEO of Asia Pacific, O3b Networks. “Today our MNO customers are capable of providing 3G/4G LTE mobile data services to their subscribers, with a quality of experience that was previously out of reach. The surge in data use has been incredible; leading customers in the region have increased capacity to more than 1Gbps. We look forward to expanding our customer base, and providing fiber-equivalent connectivity for more of the region.”

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