Monday, January 16, 2017

Megaport Enables Singapore - Hong Kong - Los Angeles Route

Megaport announced a new route connecting Hong Kong to Los Angeles and a secondary path from Singapore to Hong Kong to meet high customer demand. As with all Megaport enabled infrastructure, consumption will be based on cloud computing models, including month-to-month services.

The connectivity provides enterprise customers with access trans-pacific capacity via Megaport’s global Software Defined Network, enabling customers to link services including cloud connections, Point to Points, and remote peering between Hong Kong, Singapore, and the U.S., without requiring a physical presence in all locations. Customers can directly connect to Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft Azure, and more cloud service providers through Megaport

“This link represents a great step forward for Megaport from a growth standpoint as we not only are enabling a secondary path between Singapore to Hong Kong to keep up with demand, but are also linking two of our key markets,” said Denver Maddux, CEO, Megaport. “Through this new route, we are able to bring together Megaport’s backbone in Asia and our terrestrial network in North America, therein providing a more immersive network and a richer fabric through the increased number of customers, partners, and providers on the combined footprint.”

In January, Megaport enabled transatlantic capacity for customers through a partnership with Aqua Comms Limited, the owner/operator of AE Connect, a
13TB undersea cable connecting New York, Dublin, and London.

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