Thursday, December 1, 2016

Chef Launches as Fully Managed Service on AWS

Chef's commercial platform have been integrated into a new managed service provided, supported, and backed by Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Chef's tools aid in configuring, deploying, and scaling cloud and on-premises infrastructure automating infrastructure as code.

The cloud version provides access to Chef's entire platform, while also taking care of all Chef maintenance, from provisioning environments to backups.

"Many of our customers have been using Chef for years to easily manage their cloud infrastructure. This new solution delivers robust automation capabilities with almost no setup or maintenance required," said Scott Wiltamuth, VP of Developer and Productivity Tools, AWS. "AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate makes it even easier for customers to ensure their cloud and on-premises resources are fast and secure. Development and operations teams have a strong foundation for leveraging DevOps practices in AWS or on-premises to turbocharge software delivery."