Wednesday, November 30, 2016

AWS re:Invent 2016 Highlights - Andy Jassy

Here are some highlights of the AWS re:Invent 2016 Wednesday keynote with Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon Web Services.

Moving faster is the No.1 reason companies move to the cloud - Andy Jassy, CEO

AWS has added almost 1,000 significant services or new capabilities this year

AWS now looks to deep functionality and a spectrum of compute capabilities - many instance types

AWS introduces really BIG instances with up to 488GiB for in-memory databases

New Amazon Lightsail aims for easy Virtual Private Servers -simplified setup and management.

At the high end, AWS is previewing FPGA instances - custom logic on EC2

Lots of analytics workloads now happening on AWS.

A new Amazon Athena analytics service offers lightweight, ad-hoc queries on S3 storage.

New Amazon AI services include image recognition including facial matching

New AWS AI services puts deep learning into text-to-speech and same capabilities as in Amazon Alexa

The partnership with VMware means customers no longer have a binary choice - working together

New AWS Greengrass puts code in IoT devices to keep some functions local deal with latency yet leverage cloud when needed. Smarthome hubs are one example where some functions are best processed in the device and not the cloud.

Next gen AWS Snowball Edge data migration appliance are bigger w 100 TB storage, on-board compute.

Many companies have exabytes of data so Amazon builds Snowmobile container/truck for moving to AWS S3 cloud storage.