Monday, November 7, 2016

ADVA Debuts One Network Edge Portfolio

ADVA Optical Networking unveiled its One Network Edge portfolio of devices designed to help service providers respond to growing demand for high-value communication solutions.

ADVA's One Network Edge, which utilizes the ADVA FSP 150 product family, combines a mixture of hardware and software that ensures quick and easy service implementation with low operational impact. One Network Edge simplifies the challenge of security, synchronization and service demarcation. The portfolio will include edge devices to suit various edge applications.

“When we talk to service providers, there’s always one issue, one frustration – the network edge is too fragmented, too complex; it’s limiting their ability to meet customer demands and new business opportunities. This is the genesis of One Network Edge,” commented Stephan Rettenberger, VP, marketing and investor relations, ADVA Optical Networking. “Ultimately, One Network Edge is the next step of the journey for our FSP 150 product family. It’s the evolution of a technology that has continually garnered industry praise and topped analysts’ charts of Ethernet access devices (EADs). Our FSP 150 has the highest installed base of any EAD in the industry. We’ve taken all of this experience, all of this knowledge and created something game changing. One Network Edge offers customers something unique in the industry, something that will help them to take their next steps. It’s all about building one network together.”

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