Friday, October 28, 2016

Vodafone Announces a Deal in Iran

Vodafone announced a deal with HiWEB, a leading Iranian ISP, to assist in rolling out and modernizing network infrastructure in Iran. Fixed and mobile Internet services will be offered under the HiWEB brand/In addition, HiWEB will be able to provide Vodafone’s multinational corporate customers with fixed and mobile services in Iran.

Vodafone will also support HiWEB in marketing, distribution and sales, including the provision of Internet of Things (IoT) services to HiWEB’s customers.

The deal is a new non-equity Partner Market agreement.

Vodafone Partner Markets Chief Executive Diego Massidda said: “I am delighted to reach agreement with HiWEB on a partnership that will benefit both parties in Iran. Vodafone’s corporate customers will get the benefit of quality network services in the country – including in rural areas – and HiWEB will be able to access Vodafone’s global expertise to support the roll out of products, infrastructure and the launch of IoT services in Iran.”