Monday, October 17, 2016

Cisco Acquires Worklife for Meeting App

Cisco has acquired Heroik Labs, a start-up based in San Francisco that is also known as Worklife. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Worklife provides software to improve meeting productivity. Its app gives attendees more options to stay engaged before, during, and after meetings, from sharing agendas before the meeting, to taking notes during the meeting, and sharing those notes, as well as action items, after each meeting.

Cisco said the app adds to its own collaboration strategy. The company said it sees an opportunity to build on the virtual meeting experience that the Cisco Spark platform currently provides, and enhance meeting productivity across the board.

The Worklife team will report into the Cloud Collaboration Technology Business Unit under Senior Vice President and General Manager Jens Meggers. The current plan is that Worklife’s existing online meeting software will continue to be offered free to customers.

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